The Consulting

The Consulting DREAM TEAM

WILLGROW Consultants is a team of cannabis production experts and professionals recognized in the industry across the country.

Whether you need to save your crop, optimize your current garden or start a new project, our experts will guide you through it.

Take advantage of our network of experts boasting 500 years of cumulative experience.

They say experience can’t be bought… We’ll prove you otherwise. Contact us!



Together with a law firm experienced in this field, we offer you legal and regulatory support to secure a licence to cultivate, process or sell cannabis in accordance with the regulations established by the federal government.

Applying to Health Canada with a flawless business plan will save you both time and money.

Design Productive Design

You already have selected a location or plan to build a new site? Let us draw up your plans.

Architectural plans are drawn according to recommendations made by our team of experienced cannabis growers designing your space to optimize productivity and standardize product quality. Our engineering firm can validate your plans for your Health Canada application.

Finally, have your installation pre-inspected to correct any deficiencies that may jeopardize your licence or productivity.

Equipment State-of-the-art Equipment

The hydroponic production equipment industry is constantly evolving. Its innovative approach is what makes it stand out.

For the past two decades, our consultants have kept abreast of the various cultivating systems and practices available.

Trust our advice to get the right equipment for your type of culture, environment and budget, and become a true professional yourself.

Every task has an ideal tool. Make sure you get yours.

Training SUCCESSFUL Training

Our trainers have developed their courses to turn you into independent and knowledgeable growers.

Customized training covering a wide range of growing topics like watering, climate control, fertilizing program, parasite management and much more.

Stand out from the crowd and learn from the best, so one day you can too be the reference.


The success of any business relies on the quality of its employees. It is therefore crucial to offer proper training so employees can increase their knowledge and self-esteem and employers can expect worry-free results. Do you wish to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job? Just follow the WILLGROW Consultants training and your certification will open new doors for you.

As a business owner, every minute counts. Don’t waste your time and money, trust us to refer qualified employees to you!


Last step before going to market, the complete analysis performed by state-of-the-art laboratories will guarantee your product’s quality, purity and active substance concentration.

This way, you can be sure to offer high quality certified products and reveal the various THC, cannabinoid, and terpene contents in your products.


Insurance expert advice, property protection, civil liability, damage insurance, loss of income protection, risk management advice.